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Volatility, Intermediaries, and Exchange Rates, X. Fang and Y. Liu, AEA Meetings, 2020 [discussion slides]

Monetary Policy and Sovereign Risk in Emerging Economies, C. Arellano, Y. Bai and G. Mihalache, IMF Jacques Polak Conference, 2019 [discussion slides]

Investor Experiences and International Capital Flows, U. Malmendier, D. Pouzo and V. Vanasco, NBER ISOM conference, 2019 [discussion slides]

Global Banks and Systemic Debt Crises, J. Morelli, P. Ottonello and D. Perez, NBER IFM Spring Meeting, 2019 [discussion slides]

Self-Fulfilling Debt Dilution, M. Aguiar and M. Amador, Dallas Fed Conference in International Economics, 2018 [discussion slides]

Sovereign Risk and Bank Risk Taking, A. Ari, NBER IFM Spring Meeting, 2018 [discussion slides]

Does Incomplete Spaning in International Financial Markets Help to Explain Exchange Rates?, H. Lustig and A. Verdelhan, AEA Annual Meeting, 2018 [discussion slides]

The Monetary and Fiscal History of Venezuela: 1960-2015, D. Restuccia, The Monetary and Fiscal History of Latin America, 2017 [discussion slides]

Unpacking Global Capital Flows, M. Maggiori, B. Neimann and J. Schreger, IDC-TUC conference, 2017 [discussion slides]

Macroprudential Policy: Promise and Challenges, E. Mendoza, XX Conference of the Central Bank of Chile, 2016 [discussion slides]

The Costs of Sovereign Default: Evidence from Argentina, B. Hebert and J. Schreger, Dallas Fed Conference in International Economics, 2016 [discussion slides]

Self-fulfilling Debt Crises: Can Monetary Policy Really Help?, P. Bacchetta, E. Perazzi and E. Van Wincoop, NBER IFM Fall Meeting, 2015 [discussion slides]

Sovereign Risk, Currency Risk, and Corporate Balance Sheets, W. Du and J. Schreger, New Faces in International Economics, 2015 [discussion slides]

Macroeconomics and Financial Markets, V. Guerrieri and H. Uhlig, Conference for the Handbook of Macroeconomics, 2015 [discussion slides]

Sovereign Risk and Bank Balance Sheet. The Role of Macroprudential Policies, E. Boz, P. D'Erasmo and B. Durdu, Atlanta Fed-NYU Conference, 2014 [discussion slides]

Extreme Events and the Fed, J. Kim and F. Ruge Murcia , NBER DSGE meeting, 2014 [discussion slides]